Thesis Project


How does the model of Authorship function in digital media spaces compared to traditional media? With this question in mind I set out to write my thesis towards the end of studies at the Rietveld Academy in 2012. For the graduation exhibition in July 2013 I developed a project of the same title combining my research with the topics of my work: (digital) media, space, virtual, reality.




Space as medium

The final thesis turned out as an investigation in the general dynamic between authorship (sending), spatial form (medium) and information (retrieval) and how this might work differently in todays' computer culture. The assumption was that space is a medium; “just as other media types it can be instantly transmitted, stored and retrieved, compressed, reformatted, streamed, filtered, computed, programmed and interacted with. In other words, all operations which are possible with media as a result of its conversion to computer data can now also apply to (representations of) physical space.” The text asks in how far the creation and perception of such spacious media is different from traditional media forms and whether this difference may also affect the traditional author function of space in the end.

Assuming that in the same way the digitalization of content in new media / web 2.0 applications had profound consequences on earlier media as print, music and video, so will the upcoming of spacious media also transform the urban sphere into an information layered, collaboratively shapable medium. Thus, the question appears, how will this new medium evolve and what is the impact on the relation between the author function of space and its audience?




The modular building approach of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy served as inspiration to extend the physical space into new dimensions, somewhere between real and virtual. By placing a physical mirror at one side of the space and at the opposite projecting the virtual representation of it, I would create an inseparably strong connection between physical space and digital media. At the same time exploring new type of space that appears infinite-dimensional.



Final drawing of the installation. I have build up a grid of mirrors (on the left) to be filmed by a camera. On the opposite wall I am projecting an 8x3m image which is the feed of the camera, processed through a realtime / interactive application. A digital / virtual mirror.