Alexander Kraemer




I am multidisciplinary interactive Art Director / Digital Artist.

For almost 10 years now I have worked and studied in the fields of Architecture and New Media. I gained extensive knowledge in the disciplines 3D, technology, visualization and design. 

My subjects are space, interaction, virtual and reality; challenging the concepts of traditional space and its perception of it. Assuming that in the same way the digitalization of content in New Media / web 2.0 applications had profound consequences on earlier media as print, music and video, so will the upcoming of new 'spacious' media also transform the urban sphere into an information layered, collaboratively shapable medium. 

Within my work I aim at abolishing the border between the physical and digital world - yet, blurring the transition between these two. I want to create seamless (interactive) experiences with physical space by overlaying it with digital, dynamically changing information. The result shall be one coherent new medium that appears as a merging of physical and digital contents - ultimately achieving the convergence of multimedia, urbanity and architecture.